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information design, 2009
assignment by Daniel Gross

The assignment was to make info-graphics based on collected information. In the Dutch Newspaper de Volkskrant, I found an article about the mosquito: a device that hangs in public spaces which produces annoying sounds in order to ban youth hanging around. These sound boxes are so absurd in itself, that I decided to make a booklet solely about these devices. In the booklet you first read general information about for example size, and different kind of attributes. The company which produces the mosquito’s advices on their website to buy strong protection boxes, made out of steel and containing spikes, in order to prevent that the mosquito is damaged by the youth. This can all be read at the first pages. Afterwards you see pictures of the mosquito’s and the related tools. Then there are a couple of pages with info-graphics about for example, the maximum decibel produced by the devices. At the end of the booklet some pictures show mosquito’s in practice, the devices are attached to walls and pillars.

Beside the booklet, I made a poster about how much mosquito’s Rotterdam would need to be completely free of youth hanging around. It’s my contribution to an ongoing discussion about these devices and the current state of our public spaces.