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Dialetheia, exhibition design
in collaboration with
Agata Jaworska
, Benedikt Wöppel
and Marleen van der Zanden

[3D sketches builders BENDE: Tijmen Dekker, Looy Driesser, Tom Lugtmeijer]

[posterwall, design by Benedikt Wöppel]

Quantified Reality
in collaboration with Floris Douma,
Isaura San & Marleen van der Zanden

[website V1.0]

[process of the website; V0.1 - V1.0]

presentation at Tolhuistuin 05.06.2014

[entrance; physical introduction of the website]

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No (+/-) thing
commissioned by Virginie Dubois

Design and concept of thesis from Virginie Dubois with the title:
Composing: The aesthetic
and poetic transformation of reality.

The book is about Nothing,
The object of the things,
And the subject of No.

It explores listening,
And the sense of space in Noise.

Zonder Dubbele Bodem
in collaboration with
Tim en Katrein Breukers
exposed in Rijksakademie

[exhibition & invitation]

in collaboration with Manetta Berends

commissioned by Dutch Living

winter shoot

Urban renewal in the Schilderswijk
commissioned by Hein van Duppen

[some pages out of thesis: Urban renewal in the Schilderswijk]

Look, talk, think, and sign: design proposals for ur- ban renewal in the Schilderswijk is an investigation of different approaches to urban renewal: a com- bination between top-down planning [the city’s drawing board] and encouraging and facilitating bottom-up developments [the soft city].

Municipality, housing corporations, investors
and developers [the city’s drawing board] take decisions about development, public space, and the use of space. Their intensions, ideas, designs, and visions are not always in the same line as the environment of the user [the soft city]. In the strategical plan for the Schilderswijk, these two approaches come together in a map analysis [the city’s drawing board] and interviews with key fig- ures and residents [the soft city]. The study is an interaction between top-down thoughts & vision and realization & reality of practice.

The Schilderswijk is a multicultural neighbor- hood with many problems: low educational attainment, structural unemployment, crime, and health problems. Strategy Schilderswijk creates a framework for the residents to get active. The strategical plan consists of several projects: each project examines the scale of the operation, the cost, the role of the municipality, the impact, management issues and urgency.

commissioned by Petra Meyer

[website design & programming]



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DJ Kaktus
commissioned by Hein van Duppen

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[concept website by : Mirte van Duppen and Manetta Berends]
[design and programming website by : Manetta Berends]