Mirte van Duppen
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Graduation Presentation
design website and presentation
commissioned by The Master of
Education in Arts of Piet Zwart

05.2016 - 07.2016

[see website project.wdka.nl/educationinarts2016/]

[flyer with map of the exhibition, next to it a blue folder to collect your own catalogue]

[left print-out of the website, with information about one project / student]
[right wooden structure, scenographer Nikola Knežević and installation Geert van Mil]

Enquiry Desk
design website and identity
commissioned by Cathrine Andresen
2016 - 2017

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A Sustainist Lexicon
design book
A co-production of Reinwardt Academy with
the Academy of Architecture (Amsterdam
University of the Arts) & Sustainism Lab.
11.2015 - 01.2016

booklaunch: 15-01-2016, 16:00 - 17:00 @ Reinwardt Academy
published by: Architectura & Natura
distribution: Idea Books
for sale at: Nai Booksellers (NL), Architectura & Natura (NL),
Stedelijk Museum Bookshop (NL), Athenaeum (NL),
The American Book Center, Stroom (NL), Copyright (BE),
Idea Books Direct