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filmposter • Territory of the Beings

Territory of the Beings
one-channel video
16:9 full HD 50p, 08:26 min

a film by Mirte van Duppen for KAAN Architecten

In this work, we take a closer look at (human) beings during their process of annexing and exploring a certain terrain. Their territoriality helps create a structure, a level of predictability and stability in their – social – lives. They are continuously learning from their experiences, or are copying their peers. What we see is a dialogue between beings in a sublime environment, one where all the necessary elements are present to survive. Territory of the Beings showcases a modern ecosystem, consisting of flexible islands. The narrator takes you on a tour: displaying, analysing and describing the behaviour of the beings and how they tend to personalise, mark, occupy and defend their territory.

Cinematographer and Film editor
Mirte van Duppen
Lotte Lentes
Text editor and voice-over
Grace Kyne-Lilley
Benedikt Wöppel
Color grading
Tom Fekkes

With thanks to the employees of District Water Board Brabantse Delta, Arend van der Meer, Hein van Stokkum, Hein van Duppen, Maritina Margini, Vincent Panhuysen.