filmstill 11:43 AgriValley, fern grower Vitro Plus (2022) Mirte van Duppen

filmstill 11:43 AgriValley, cow farmer Kaasboerderij Weenink (2022) Mirte van Duppen

filmstill 06:50 AgriValley, asperagus grower Teboza (2022) Mirte van Duppen

filmstill 11:43 AgriValley, goat farmer van Tilburg (2022) Mirte van Duppen

filmstill 02:17 AgriValley, plant grower Pligt Professionals (2022) Mirte van Duppen

2019 - 2022

At the age of seven, I walked into an unknown landscape for the first time: a greenhouse. All my senses were triggered by the heat, the humidity and the smell. I still remember this astonishment. More than twenty years later, I capture these unknown landscapes, depicting the tension in the scenery between man and machine.

AgriValley is the result of long-term poetic research into agriculture in the Netherlands. The futuristic — almost dreamlike images — provide insight into the enormous impact of technical innovation in the Dutch agricultural sector. In her cinematographic representations, Mirte van Duppen brings together various production landscapes into a social construct, where appearance is ultimately determined by usage. Here, man and machine live and work side by side. Using associative analyses, Van Duppen depicts the contemporary landscape through image rhyme and essayistic camerawork.

A project by
Mirte van Duppen
Paulien Mandos
Edit coach
Gabrielle Provaas
Project text editing
Iris van den Boezem and Esther van Rosmalen
Lilly Chamberlain

orchids grower, Opti-flor, Monster: Sjors van Zeijl, René van Santen
tulip grower, Bloemkwekerij Michiel Smit, Hensbroek: Michiel Smit, vader Smit
breeder, Florensis, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht en Dinteloord: Regina Dinkla, Edwin Kodde, Johan Groenewegen cow farmer, Christian en Sanne Klein Koerkamp, Lettele: Christian Klein Koerkamp
cow farmer, Kaasboerderij Weenink, Lievelde: Johannes Weenink
goat farmer, van Tilburg, Oude Dongen: Jan van Tilburg, Aafke van Tilburg
cow farmer, R. J. Lagendijk, Diessen: Rik Lagendijk
orchid grower, Levoplant, Honselersdijk: Leon van der Voort, Perry Bruggeling
plant grower, Pligt Professionals, ‘s-Gravenzande: Gert van der Pligt, Gerard van den Assem
fern grower, Vitro Plus, Burgh-Haamstede: John Bijl
tomato grower, Agrocare, Middenmeer: Ad van Kester, Robert Wielgosinski, Sergiu Cristian Acatrinei
potato grower, Van Den Borne Aardappelen, Reusel: Jacob van den Borne
goat farmer, De Bonte Weide, Stolwijk: Martjan de Jong
asperagus grower, Teboza, Helden: Rik Kursten
endive grower, Tuinbedrijf Kouwenberg, Beek en Donk: Gerard Kouwenberg
paprika grower, Van der Harg, Bemmel: Jan jr Van der Harg
tulip grower, Maatschap Kreuk, Andijk: Niels Kreuk

university WU Wageningen, LWA (Laurens) Klerkx (Professor of Agrifood Innovation and Transition at the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation Group of Wageningen University)
SMARAGD meeting, 20.02.2019
Agro Food Robotics parcours, 11.04.2019
innovation centre, Campus Almkerk: Cindy Hoetmer, Arend Koekkoek
innovation centre, World Horti Center: Diana Duijvestijn, Mark Zwinkels

Dairy Farming and Dairy Company, den Eelder: Vincent de Haan

11.06.2019 Greentech
22.01.2020 Bio-beurs

. Geitenbelang feed and concentrate systems for goats: Rob van der Geest
. LELY nearly all of the work in the cowshed: from milking to cleaning: John de Loijer
. Hanskamp developing and selling practical solutions for dairy farmers: Jos Borsten
. PB-Tec developing innovative and advanced hoticultural solutions in the field of electrical engineering, water technology and automation: Frits Damen
. JOZ manure and feed pushing systems for livestock farmers: Desie Verhoeven
. Logiqs designing and building automatic mobile benching systems for large-scale greenhouses: Dennis van Dijk
. ISO group automation of labour-intensive tasks within the international horticultural sector (including cuttings robot): Raymond van den Berg
. OREON producing and developing highly efficient and sustainable greenhouse LED grow lights, especially for greenhouse horticulture: Fraukje van Breukelen
. SIGNIFY LED solutions for the horticulture sector: Daniela Damoiseaux
. Homburg Holland precision farming technology in the field of crop protection, tillage and sowing technology: Jack Thibaudier, Abeltje van Vliet
. ID Agro innovative housing systems for the livestock sector (eg Serrestal)
. Broere Beregening B.V. sprinkling and irrigation experts: Arnout van Cappellen
. Reesink Agri sale of agricultural implements to agricultural mechani- zation companies: C.B.J. (Christiaan) Borkus
. Farmonie providing dairy farmers in the central and eastern Netherlands with innovative solutions for efficient and sustainable milk production, barn equipment and cooling technology: Maarten Prinsen
. CERESCON innovations in harvesting: Thérèse van Vinken

Special thanks to Roy Berendsen, Manetta Berends, Irma van Bommel, Nienke van Boom, Mirza Bruggenwert, Jos Borsten-Prinsen, Michael Borsten, Petra Cardinaal, Jacques Dane, Mirjam Damen, Hein van Duppen, Jan van Duppen, Frits Damen, Leo Damen, Cock Damen, Koen Damen, Marloes Damen, Hans Damen, Karen Ebert, Joyce Hamers, Gijs de Heij, Pien den Hollander, Anneriek van Laarhoven, Grace Kyne-Lilley, Lex van Lith, Anouk Lüers, Paulien Mandos, Tessa Meeus, Dominika Mencel, Johanna Nocke, Melanie Pardoel, Els Post, Maarten Prinsen, Marlies Rikhof, Mieke van Schaijk, Els Scheffers, Rob Schröder, Marian van Spreuwel, Janna Ullrich, Bas Veldhuizen, Eef Veldkamp, Jsje Wijnant

exhibition made possible by Algoritmic Perfumery, Vitro Plus, Pennings Foundation and jump!

AgriValley is made possible by Creative Industries Fund NL, Impulsgelden Provincie Noord-Brabant, Kunstloc and Tilburg Makersfonds