Mirte van Duppen (multimedia video artist), Jorg van den Kieboom (author/director) and Robin Schijfs (designer) organically bring together theater, spatial design and video art in a visual performance that takes you into an absurdist story about change against will and thanks.

On a vast, vacant lot, a large billboard announces that better times are coming. That billboard has been there for a while now... The city looms in the background, a train passes in the distance. Here you are drawn into a story of two exceptional characters with a longing for what was and what is to come. Here a billboard changes message, a teenage girl scans the sky in search of extraterrestrial life and you get a glimpse into the life of God who has lost everything.

a production of
Bureau Pees
Mirte van Duppen, Jorg van den Kieboom and Robin Schijfs
executive producer
Jos van Aert
Anne-Chris Schulting
Trijntje Keijser and Peter Vandemeulebroecke
actors movie:
Hein van Duppen, Nele Mohnen, Louisa Mohnen, Finn Ooms, Lucas Siljée
Benedikt Wöppel
recording and editing sound
Bram Schouw
lighting design and technology
Marc Joosen
stage hands:
Amadieu Dubois and Alex Terlouw
billboard scaffolding, panels and print
Buurtschap Veldstraat, Buurtschap Molenstraat and FAVO Reclame
text and direction
Jorg van den Kieboom
scenography and graphic design
Robin Schijfs
cinematography and editing
Mirte van Duppen
camera 2
Melanie Pardoel
color correction
Frans Suijs, Revolve
in association with
Crossarts (Lotte van Boxtel, Erica Jonkman) and Tim van de Burg
special thanks to
Lucandrea Baraldi, Marit Bijkerk, Mirjam Damen, Jacques Dane, Peter Dictus, Hein van Duppen, Karen Ebert, Afix Group, Maas-Jacobs, Fien Peeters, Tessa Meeus, Tom de Waal, Kees van de Riet, Isabel Schoonbeek, Den Hartog overledenenzorg - Unigra kisten Katwijk

COMING SOON is made possible by Bureau Pees, Crossarts, Gemeente Breda and Provincie Noord-Brabant