exhibition view • KONVOOI Kunstenfestival, Brugge (BE), 2019

exhibition view • KONVOOI Kunstenfestival, Brugge (BE), 2019

film still • 08:35

film still • 08:46

Groeten uit d’haven van Brugge
cinematic tableaus 16:9 full HD, 50p, 15:00 min

Groeten uit d’haven van Brugge (Greetings from the port of Bruges) is a series of cinematic tableaus – slow-moving postcards – with stories of people that hold a connection to the (former) port, such as an ex-harbour worker or a pub owner. The perusing stories from the past relate to places, buildings and objects from the harbour. Cinematic tableaus give an insight into how things were, and alternate between facts and fiction.

Van Duppen was invited by PLAN B, co-curator of KONVOOI Kunstenfestival, to act as an in-situ artist, and to make a portrait of Bruges' harbour during a two-week residency. The work developed itself by walking through the desolate, barely operational harbour area, raising questions regarding the former function of buildings and sites.

The cinematic tableaus were presented underneath a bridge in the harbour. By showing the work in the environment it was shot in, people could recognize its landscapes. Ideally, the stories were spread amongst visitors, so that all the fantastic stories could live on. What arose was an interplay between the audience and the location, between the recorded landscape and its actual setting.

Cinematographer and Film editor
Mirte van Duppen
Bram Verrecas
Vincent Deurinck, Calebout Freddy, Raoul Van De Geuchte, Patrick Ten Hove

Special thanks to Leontien Allemeersch, Ward Dupan and KONVOOI Kunstenfestival

KONVOOI residency, 2019