intervention • Dongen (NL), 2012

intervention • Dongen (NL), 2012

exhibition view • ArtEZ finals, ArtEZ, Arnhem (NL), 2012


Organized by rules
controlled public space
intervention & publication

Public space feels public (as already indicated by the word itself), but how public is it really? Regulations control your behaviour, the things you are allowed to do and those you cannot. With this work, I wanted to make the rules visible that are usually non-transparent. This was done by making ribbons, inspired by barrier tape. Barrier tape instantly creates a border, the same as those rules confining each public space. They control a space and restrict your movements. The ribbons also have another function: they are also made to wrap objects – when you wrap the ribbon around an object, you create a second layer on top of that object. In this way, the normally invisible layer turns visible.

In addition to this, I made a catalogue which described the whole project. The catalogue displayed all of the project's properties, the whole text of the Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening (APV)*, the ribbons (1:1), as well as the context of the ribbons and what they were originally made for.

*Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening (APV) stands for the city council's rules regarding public order and safety. Each municipality has its own APV. The APV rules are applicable to every inhabitant of this municipality.

ArtEZ, 2012